What We Seek

by Mikael Lewis

Released 2017
Stonemonkey Records
Released 2017
Stonemonkey Records
Mikael Lewis crafts poetic tales of travel, loss, love, politics, hopeful dreams and the evolving beauty of life. These musical landscapes are supported by an adept, rhythmic, percussive, and often bizarrely tuned guitar style.
Since picking up his first acoustic guitar, Mikael Lewis has been skillfully blending elements of Folk, Lo-fi, Rock and Americana with subtle hints of Jazz and World Music. He has toured extensively throughout the UK, Ireland and the US as a solo artist and with his bands Fyre & Reign, Bucket of Witches and Gnarley's Summit. Lewis has shared the stage with Gin Blossoms, Peter Mulvey, Eddie from Ohio, John Hammond, Irish troubadour Brian Kennedy and English folk legend Nick Harper. Lewis makes his home in the Utah Rocky Mountains where he is compiling tracks for a new solo project (backed by a full band). “What We Seek” is the first single from this project.

Here’s what the press has to say about Mikael Lewis:

“Palm of Creation” and “Get Out Of The City” are fine examples of energetic, and commercial Americana with a tip of the hat to Michael Nesmith. All of these songs actually work well together.”
Bluesbunny    July 26, 2015

"Fyre and Reign” (Mikael Lewis) plays smooth and soulful Americana that sounds like James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, and the Grateful Dead (their Terrapin Station album) started jamming together, creating a soft but funky rock sound".
Reagan High, UVU Review

“Fyre & Reign’s debut Americana album, Curiosity, was released on Jun. 27. Curiosity is a surprisingly varied album; while the songs all clearly belong together in one collection, there are slight stylistic changes between tracks that should keep listeners on their toes. Fyre & Reign manages to take a mixture of influences and create a single palatable blend. And there’s a lot to choose from here— a touch of folk, a bit of jazz and soul. Citing influence from Fleetwood Mac and the Cranberries, Curiosity finds a pleasant niche under the broader umbrella of Americana.”
Saucebox    September 20, 2015