My Own Way Through the Dark

Mikael Lewis
Mikael Lewis


I wrote the song, My Own Way Through the Dark, after severing a relationship that had long become toxic. The split proved even more toxic than the relationship, but the end result was better than I could have imagined. Some things just need to be done regardless of how much upheaval they will cause. MOWTTD came about after the darkness had lifted and I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hindsight is a glorious thing


I've seen the flame die out in good men,
Torn by the shame of what might have been,
But that shame is a construct of another man's mind,
And to swallow that poison, will leave your soul maligned,
You've got to step outside of that spotlight,
And find your own way through the dark.

I'm not afraid of the light, but I approach with caution,
What often passes for knowledge, reveals nothing but dogma
When they say "step to the left", I'm gonna slide to the right,
And somewhere in the middle, I will find my own light,
I've got no more need for their stoplight,
I'm gonna find my own way through the dark

You've got 2 to 3 minutes to try and choke me down
But at the end of that story, you'll find I've held my own ground,
I've got no more need for your spotlight
I'm gonna find my own way through the dark.


released November 7, 2017
Mikael Lewis-Vocals, guitars, bass
Eric Watson-Drums
Adam Fifield-Keys