““Palm of Creation” and “Get Out Of The City” are fine examples of energetic, and commercial Americana with a tip of the hat to Michael Nesmith. All of these songs actually work well together.””

The UVU Review

"Fyre and Reign plays smooth and soulful Americana that sounds like James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, and the Grateful Dead (their Terrapin Station album) started jamming together, creating a soft but funky rock sound".


“Fyre & Reign’s debut Americana album Curiosity was released on Jun. 27. Curiosity is a surprisingly varied album; while the songs all clearly belong together in one collection, there are slight stylistic changes between tracks that should keep listeners on their toes. Hannah Butterfield’s smoky vocals in “Bad Girl” and “Lipstick Stain” offer a complimentary contrast to the more traditional country sound of “Driving at Night.” Fyre & Reign manages to take a mixture of influences and create a single palatable blend. And there’s a lot to choose from here— a touch of folk, a bit of jazz and soul. Citing influence from Fleetwood Mac and the Cranberries, Curiosity finds a pleasant niche under the broader umbrella of Americana.”

Utah Concert Review

"Fyre & Reign didn’t hesitate to interact with the audience, even inviting them to sing along in the final chorus of their song “Get Out of the City".